Friday, January 2, 2015


Belated Happy New Year to you all.
Here in New Zealand it is the day after New Year's day and a holiday day. I worked a 12 hour shift on New Year's Eve as well as on New Year's day and boy were they busy shifts, so there was no after work celebration-it was dinner and bed once I got home.
Today was a day off and a glorious summer day that saw me on the golf course this afternoon.
This was one of the views I had-a Pohutukawa tree-known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree in glorious flower still. And then this little one was sitting on a little bridge that goes over a pond on the course-
It is a New Zealand Kingfisher bird and has bright orange under his wings. How beautiful is he!

So here is my last quilting finish for 2014- a quick strippie quilt pattern from I have made this pattern before and it is a great pattern if you need a quick quilt made. This one I made 'just because'  and it is now in the pile of awaiting a home-

Oops this has loaded upside down but you get the idea.
Closer look at the quilting=stipple in the novelty fabric, wave in the red and l's and e's in the blue.

So what is ahead for 2015-
I am not a list maker and certainly not when it comes to making quilts. I would rather respond to where inspiration takes me and boy there is so much of it in blogland. Saying that my aim for 2015 is to deplete my stash, even if by a little, and I have already started with these string blocks-
and to blog more, as well as comment more on others blogs. We all love comments and I have a long list of blogs I peruse frequently but do not take enough time to comment so I aim to remedy that.
Who knows where life will take me this year but it would be nice to lower my golf handicap, take an overseas holiday (further than Australia this year) and on the job front-that is watch this space-it may remain the same but there may be new doors opening.
So I hope to see you around in this coming year. Wishing you all health and happiness and lots of quilting fun in 2015.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014



Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
However you are celebrating I hope it involves time with family and friends and that you laugh together, play together and cherish those around you.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Returning Yet Again

I need to schedule a day in the week that I post as one week morphs into the next and then it continues with nothing written.
I am not that productive in my sewing room but considering my stash I should be pumping out the projects. Instead I have been working more hours (in my paid job as a midwife), working outside in the garden and painting the fences, and holidaying to Brisbane where I have family.
So what do I have to show-
Here is the finished Scattered Pinwheels quilt that is yet to find a home but will probably be donated to a charity. Don't look too closely as the design is not uniform-made it up as I went along and forgot what I was doing a few times.
Closer look at the quilting.

Then I moved onto a smaller project using a charm pack I had had for a few years and wanted to make a design with HST's.
On the design wall and I was liking how it had turned out.

I decided to quilt it with organic wavy lines and still liked it-until  I added the binding.!! I decided to try machine attaching the binding (for the first time) and it seemed to make the quilt no longer sit flat and I didn't like the stitching not being perfect on the back Anyone do machine binding that can give me tips that will help me!!
Last week we had the Festival of Quilts Show in Auckland. This is the big show of the year and this year I met up with a blogging friend who I had never met in person and we had a great day, even though our tastes were different. New Zealand bloggers-maybe we should plan a bloggers get together next year like our Australian friends do at the quilt fairs????
I was pleased to see this year that there were a good showing of modern quilts so here is some eye candy from the show-

                                                               Road Block by Annie Whyte

                                                                  Modern Quilt Display

                                                        Pacific Pathway by Donna Ward

                                                          Zigs and Zags by Helen Hanford
Apologies to the quilt makers that I have not given credit to but I didn't get a photo of the credits. Congratulations to all the ribbon winners. Lots of inspiration for sure and boy was it crowded. I'm sure everyone had a great time at the show.

Hope you are all still out there.
Happy quilting

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Half Way There

My Scattered Pinwheel quilt on the longarm and  I am about half way through the quilting.
When I loaded the quilt I didn't really have a plan but I like how it is going. there is a lot of stitch in the ditch and then ruler work which I decided to do using my new Accent on Design ruler-boy I love that ruler. My SID is not perfect but certainly better than it used to be.
I think I will leave the coloured areas unquilted to give it a bit of softness. Any thoughts on that thinking??

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Post Arrived

Well the anticipation is now over as the postie left a little parcel in my letterbox a short time ago. I tell you there was no gentle opening, but quick ripping of this parcel to reveal my Sister Swap gift. There was no identifying writing on the parcel to say who it was from except it had a UK postage mark on it, and the card inside was signed Penny.
After a lot of detective work I ascertained that the parcel was from Penny who blogs at
So in my parcel was-

This little cat that is handstitched and is only about 5 inches tall, and the golf themed fabric covered notebook. I have had to use the photos off Penny's blog as mine kept loading sideways.
Thank you Penny for my gifts.
This has been a fun swap and it has been great to have the linky party so we can see all the wonderful gifts that have been sent and received. All except two were new blogs to me so it has been wonderful visiting everyone. A big thank you to Michelle for 'being the mom' of the swap for all of the sisters.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's a Sister's Thing Swap

I going to wait until I received my package before I posted,  and just combine what I had sent and what I received in one post but unfortunately I think the postie has decided to keep my package for herself!! I know my package has been sent but it has yet to arrive in the post box.

I got to stalk Pauline over in the UK who blogs at It was fun stalking someone I had not visited before, but at the same time a bit daunting that 'I would get it right'. Pauline goes caravanning a lot, and also has a new kitchen in her house so I nearly made her a set of placemats but boy am I glad I changed that idea as she has just made herself some.
Instead I made her a wall hanging for her sewing room. I saw she has a love of Kaffe Fassett fabrics so out my stash of these came and here is the result-it was rather windy when I took the picture but it was the best I could do before it went in the post.

It is the Nested Churn Dash pattern and I did straight line quilting on it.

Pauline does a lot of childrens charity quilts so I included a pattern by a New Zealand designer, along with a little pin cushion and of cause chocolate.
Enjoy Pauline.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Off the Longarm

My Patchwork Chevron quilt is now off the machine, has the binding attached and is now waiting to be hand stitched down. I love how it turned out but if I had realised how much it would shrink with the quilting I would have made it longer-lesson for next time.
This photo would not rotate so sorry but you get the idea.
I quilted the coloured area with a flower design that was inspired by watching one of Angela Walters Craftsy classes.

 This is the back of the quilt and I have intentionally not taken the photo too close to the quilt as I continue to battle with the tension on my longarm-even though I have tried all the usual attempts to correct it. Still it is finished and it for my own bed so I am happy that it is finished.
This is a quilt made with blocks from members of the Bee Balm online group that I have been a member of for two years now-time to put the first quilt from the group together now!
On the design wall now is this lovely bright pinwheel quilt which is a pattern from the May/June issue of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting.
Oops, sideways again! Just needs the borders attached then it is onto the longarm.

Then I have been working on a secret project that I will show once it has been received, but this is a sneak peak of the beginning.
I joined the Ít's a Sister Thing Swap organised by Michelle at The concept is to connect with a quilting sister and make her a  handmade gift  -the sister you make for is not the one who makes for you. The parcels are in the post now so I will be checking the mailbox every day.

 I will leave you with a photo of what greeted me when I opened the door one day this week-
one of the neighbours chickens and she just hung around with my two cats for ages. She did make me laugh and has now had her wings clipped so hasn't visited again!!